Get help with the hiring, wages, and benefits of your employees across borders

One platform for HR and payroll management and streamlining compliance across European countries.

Why HrWex?

Hire fast

In a matter of days, you may assemble a top-notch team of A-players from just about any location.


Legal and tax compliance, including periodic deductions and tax withholdings, are built into the system.

Added value

Boost productivity through using local human resources and legal expertise.

Localised gains

Guarantee your employees and contractors have access to the same benefits, regardless of where they reside.

You can develop and look after your worldwide workforce out of a single interface.

  • With only a few clicks, you can create legally sound contracts. In many EU countries, you may create legally-compliant employee and contractor agreements.
  • Regardless of where your team members reside, provide them with comprehensive health, dental, and vision benefits.
  • With a central point to sign, onboard, and pay worldwide contractors, you can save time and money.
  • Get the best people in the world without setting up legal entities in every country where you discover an excellent candidate.
  • Make cross-border recruiting easier by using our global salary calculation and contractor risk assessment tools.

Hire for free now.

Hire 2 for free

Freely hire and pay two contractors from EU countries.

Legal starter pack

Flexible employment contracts so you could start immediately.

Online hiring tools

Calculate the cost of employment, risk assessment for contractors over their national profiles, and more.

The future economy is shared

With HrWex, companies can find and recruit the best talent from across the entire planet, regardless of where they are located. In terms of business, it’s superior. Better for the people. Better for the environment, too.

We are everywhere

The HrWex employees are spread across eight countries. Since we know how powerful it is to have a varied group of A-players working together across time zones, we’re here to assist you to develop and care for your team!

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